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You’ve all been waiting ever so patiently and I figured I’d give you a little teaser to whet your palette!

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Unbearable releases April 17th. 2018




Tucker didn’t know how long he’d been gone, but he tracked the scent of fear from that low-life piece of shit until the trail went dead. He tailed him into the industrial area of Blackford where it came to a dead end. The bastard had hitched a ride, and that made it damn near impossible to find him.

Caleb had texted him to ask for an update and let him know they had taken Kelsey back to the farm. He started making his way there. He needed to see Kelsey and make sure she was okay. The urge to shift as he remembered how she struggled against her ex’s tight grip was damn near impossible to fight. He was finding it harder to control his emotions when it came to Kelsey. He was bonding with her, and there was no way to control a bonded male from protecting his mate.

He let that thought wash over him for a moment. Kelsey was his mate. He really hoped she wouldn’t freak out when he told her. It was easier to explain to a shifter about being bonded, but trying to tell a human about a primal urge to claim wasn’t an easy task. They would cross that bridge when they got to it.

When he returned to the tux shop, he searched the area again for clues but found nothing. He decided to cut his losses and head out to the farm to pick up Kelsey. There was no way he would allow her to be by herself tonight or any other night for that matter. She was staying close to him.

The drive to the farm was second nature, and before he realized it, he was pulling in front of the barn. Throwing the truck in park, he raced up the steps to the loft above the barn.

There, surrounded by shifters, was Kelsey. She was pale and looked exhausted. His concern negated his manners, causing him to rush to her without giving anyone else a second thought.

He stalked across the room, closing the distance between them with five long strides. She gasped and jumped from her chair, causing it to crash to the floor with a clunk. She wrapped her arms around him tightly as she murmured something against his chest. He wasn’t quite sure what she was saying, but worry laced through her voice, so she wasn’t mad this time.

“Shhh,” he whispered against the top of her head as he rubbed his hands up and down her back. Once she stopped trembling, he moved so he could see her face. “Are you okay?” She nodded slowly and never took her eyes off him.

“I think you guys should get out of here for the night.” Caleb had joined them in the middle of the loft. “We can talk tomorrow.” He slapped Tuck on the back and went back to Jess, who looked just as tired as the rest of them. Tucker shouted a goodbye to everyone and led Kelsey outside.

He guided her to the truck and opened the door for her, lifting her easily to the plush seat.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he prodded gently. She nodded and smiled weakly at him. It did nothing to reassure him.

“I want to go home,” she said quietly. Without another word, he shut her door and got into the driver’s seat. The truck roared to life and they set off toward town.

Before long, Kels shimmied over to the middle of the bench seat and rested her head on his shoulder. The sounds of her soft, deep breaths told him she was sound asleep. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.

Ten minutes later, they were in front of her house. He didn’t want to tell her earlier that there was no way he would allow her to stay at her place until they caught that scumbag Will. It would have upset her, and he would try to avoid doing that as much as possible.

“Kels.” He nudged her until she grunted in displeasure. “We’re here.” She groaned as she sat up and stretched. “I know you’re tired, but I need you to grab a few things. I’m taking you back to my place.” She stared at him in a stupor, still groggy from sleep. “Do you understand?” He opened his door and stepped out, bringing her with him.

“Yeah,” she finally said. “I’ll just grab the essentials tonight. Can we come back tomorrow for the rest?”

“Of course.” He held her hand as they made their way up the sidewalk. His senses were in overdrive, making sure everything was in order. The closer they got to the house, the more his instinct told him something was wrong.

He pulled her to a stop and put her behind him. An unfamiliar scent surrounded the door. He dragged in a deeper breath and caught a hint of something he recognized. Will.

“I need you to stay behind me, okay?” He made sure she agreed before venturing in. The door was unlocked, and that struck him as strange because Kelsey locked her door consistently.

They slowly checked each room in hopes to find an intruder or a clue as to what they wanted. The entire house was in immaculate order, which confused him. Why would they break in and not take anything? They had one last room to investigate. Her bedroom.

He eased the door open and found the room had been tossed. Not a single thing had been left untouched. Clothes were torn, her bed had been flipped, and her windows broken.

Kelsey gasped as she took in the scene. Tears pooled in her eyes as she surveyed the damage. She raced to her bed, searching under the bedding and pillows frantically.

“No, no, no…” she cried. “It’s not here!” Her hands patted every possible area of floor under the bed. When she couldn’t find what she looked for she finally broke down and cried. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

“What’s been taken?” he asked as he rushed to her side. “Kelsey, talk to me.” He kneeled beside her on the cluttered floor and waited for her to answer.

The sobs began to wane, and she swiped hard at the tears that streaked her cheeks. “He took my gun,” she stated anxiously. “I’ve had it for years. Just in case.” Desperation furrowed her brow. “I never knew if he’d show back up and take the revenge he always promised. My gun was the only thing that made me feel like I had the power to protect myself.” She glanced around the entire mess of her room. “He didn’t touch any other room because he knew this would affect me more than anything. This is my safe place.” A sniffle escaped as she returned her gaze to him.

“Listen, if you want another gun, I’ll get you one. Tonight.” He cupped her face and brushed his thumbs over her now red cheeks. “But I want you to remember you have me now. As long as I’m breathing, he won’t be able to hurt you. I promise you.” He leaned in and kissed her softly.

She broke the contact and wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed. The comfort was what she needed, and he would give her anything. Even if it meant the fucker’s head on a platter.



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Unbearable (A Keystone Novel, Book 3) Preorder and Cover Reveal


This has been a labor of love over the past year and I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels to finally put it out into the world!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here!

Drumroll please……. I give you UNBEARABLE! The third book in my Keystone series. The long awaited book for Tucker. Everyone’s favourite bear shifter!

What do you think of this amazing cover? I’ve been keeping this secret for almost a year now and it’s been killing me! Isn’t it great?



No matter how hard Kelsey Martin tried, she couldn’t shake the deliciously sinful Tucker Peters out of her mind. He’s everything she wanted in a man and more. There’s only one problem—he’s also her best friend. Tucker is a bear shifter, and being thrust into his world without warning didn’t deter her feelings in the least.

From the moment Tucker Peters laid eyes on Kelsey, he knew he’d do anything to be with her. After what seemed like forever she finally agreed to give him a chance, but of course, nothing is ever that easy.

Danger and secrecy is the name of the game, and it hits close to home. Kelsey falls victim to an experiment gone wrong, and accepting her fate may be impossible. Something Tucker may never forgive himself for…

PREORDER 99¢ until February 2nd!


Get your copy now!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the first two books in this series be sure to follow the links below to get your copy.

Operation Wildcat

Cherry Bomb



Megan lives on seven acres of land in rural Alberta, Canada and enjoys the simple country life. Paranormal romance allows her to create the places and characters she has always wanted to read about. She enjoys bringing her stories to life every chance she gets. When she isn’t writing she’s spending time with her husband and daughter whether it’s camping, riding ATV’s or just hanging out at home. Her family is the most important thing to her.






Pre Order Tour: The Promise by Heather Slade

Title: The Promise

Series: Butler Ranch – Book One

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Author: Heather Slade

Can fulfilling a promise to his dead brother bring love into Brodie Butler’s life again?

When Butler Ranch winery manager Brodie Butler’s brother is killed in action in Afghanistan, his mother enlists him to fulfill a promise she made to her older son. She needs him to find Peyton Wolf, his brother’s lover, and deliver a sealed box to her.

Brodie expects to deliver the news and the box to Peyton then return home to deal with his own grief. But instead of closing a chapter in his late brother’s life, Brodie opens a new one in his own when he meets a woman he could envision himself being with forever.

But would Peyton ever be able to love him like she loved his brother? And could he deal with his guilty conscience for wanting the woman his brother had intended to have as his wife?

Preoerder Link – http://amzn.to/2r6wTBJ



My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Guest Post: The Dragon’s Treasure by Beverly Ovalle

A Dragon’s Treasure

by Beverly Ovalle

coming June 16th, 2017


Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Drawn to a singular place on earth, filled with treasures, he still seeks the greatest treasure of them all. His mate.

Fleeing danger, Connie runs into the arms of destiny, but she has plans already, and a Dragon mate is not on the agenda.

Kai has waited centuries for Connie, and he will claim his mate. Patience may not be a Dragon’s virtue, but he always gets his treasure.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.


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Connie’s eyes widened. “Ellen, this isn’t another one of your men, is it?” she whispered. A stirring of jealousy nudged her at the thought.

A peal of laughter came from Ellen, while Breccan growled. “No, of course not. This is my foreman, Kai. Kai, this is my cousin Connie.”

Hi.” Connie smiled appreciatively at Kai, her heart beating erratically. “Ellen, do you have all the good looking men in town on your place?” The jealousy gone, she could feel his pull. So not what she needed right now.

Hello.” Kai grinned at Connie. “So, this is where you were heading?” He came over and leaned down, grabbing her hand, lifting it to his mouth. His lips were soft, lightning streaked through her body at the touch of his lips against her skin. Connie wanted to drown in the sensation, a shiver spreading across her body.

Connie tugged her hand from his and nodded. “I decided to come visit Ellen. I needed to get away from the city for a bit.” A shadow passed over her face. Seeing it, Kai gazed intently into her eyes. All the men reacted, their spines straightening and eyes sharpening, all looking at Connie.

Kai pulled Connie into his body, wrapping his steely arms around her. “What’s wrong? What are you scared of?”

Connie gasped and wriggled away. Her nipples tightened beneath her thin robe and pajamas. She wouldn’t look down. She didn’t want to know if they were obvious.

Nothing. Well, something. I can’t talk about it yet. I don’t really know how to explain it.” She shook her head, frustrated that he’d known she hid something. Ignoring her haywire hormones that thought being wrapped around him perfectly fine, she plopped back down in her chair. “Let me get it straight. I already asked Ellen to give me a couple of days. You guys are just going to have to wait also.”

You can explain it now.” Hands on his hips, every inch of Kai demanded an answer.

Connie glared up into Kai’s eyes. “Well excuse me, Mr. Bossy Pants. Since I don’t know you, you have no say in what I do or don’t do.” Who did he think he was? He had no right to question her. None. “I’m going to get dressed.” Connie flounced up, moving to avoid touching Kai. Gah, even his name was sexy.


Beverly Ovalle dabbled with writing on and off for years when her best friend finally dared her to submit a story to a writing contest. Beverly decided she had nothing to lose and since she’d always wanted to be an author sent it in and agonized for months waiting to hear back. Contract in hand she has never looked back.

Beverly has been obsessed with dragons and romance since she was a young girl, collecting dragon books and reading everything she could find on them even down to the care of real life dragons. She’s always been slightly panicked that the world as we know it will end, so has prepped for it, haunting survivalist pages and prepper projects she felt she needed in the event SHTF.

An avid fan of all romance, Beverly’s goal is to share her love of the written word and write the hot and erotic romances that she enjoys. She writes what she loves to read and it was only a matter of time before her obsessions crept into her writing for her to share. She hopes you enjoy her tales as much as she loves writing them.

A Navy Veteran, Beverly has traveled around the world and the United States enabling her to bring her settings to life, meeting and marrying her husband of twenty five years along the way for her own romance. Reading romances since the fourth grade she’s followed as the genre changed and spread into the vast cornucopia of romance offered today.

Author Web & Social Media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeverlyOvalleAuthor

Website: www.beverlyovalle.com

Blog: http://SSLYblog.wordpress.com/

Tumblr: http://ovalleba.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ovalleba

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ovalleba/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/BeverlyOvalle

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BeverlyOvalle0211/posts

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/-r58z


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Alphas of Summer Preview: Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis Excerpt

Preorder 2

Alphas of Summer is now available for pre order and I wanted to give you all a taste of what’s going to be included in the boxed set. Over the next few weeks I will share an excerpt from some of the books that are included in the set.

First up…

Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis

It took her less than twenty minutes to reach the small one-bedroom cottage she owned in the middle of nowhere on a fifty-acre plot of neutral zone land. She parked her car in front of the cabin and sighed. The peaceful sounds of the forest wrapped around her, both calming and nerve-wracking at the same time. She guessed it would take her three days tops to go mad from the seclusion.

Emerging from her car, she sniffed the air and stilled. There was another wolf nearby. A male. His soft, woodsy scent called to her, alluring. She growled and followed the scent. Each step closer to the male put her wolf further on edge.

She knew she should just let it go, but he was on her property. He needed to leave.

She jogged ahead, not even trying to be stealthy. If she could smell him, then he could smell her. His scent threw her off and fueled her annoyance even more. Spice and mint mixed together in an intoxicating aroma that made her wolf stand at attention, eager to be closer to the male. No. He couldn’t be their mate. A sudden wave of desire hit her, knocking her off balance and pissing her off. She didn’t want a mate. She didn’t want to put her trust in any male besides her brother.

Her arranged mating with Ross had been lesson enough to teach her that a mate could poison the bond and betray her.

Been there, done that stupid shit.

After rounding a large oak, she skidded to a stop. Pale green eyes locked with hers. The muscles in the male’s strong jaw flexed. His brown hair hung in his face. Fuck, he was gorgeous. A black tee stretched tautly across his muscular chest, leaving nothing to the imagination.

She growled. “What are you doing here?”

One corner of his sensual mouth lifted in a crooked smile. “It’s a neutral zone.”

“You have to leave.”

The other side of his kissable lips lifted, and he stalked toward her. The heat in his stare was almost too much for her. His voice seemed to caress her as he replied. “I don’t think so.”

Damn. His arousal slammed into her, fueling her own as he continued forward. Straightening her spine, she stood her ground. Besides, her wolf wanted him. How could one male make her body ache all over? Fucking hell. This wasn’t happening. She held out a hand and let out another warning growl. “Don’t come any closer.”

One dark brow rose, and the wicked half-smile remained. There was a seductive challenge in his green depths. “Or what?”

Faster than she’d anticipated, he closed the distance between them, snaked an arm around her waist, and meshed their bodies together. Heat infused her body, and her pussy ached. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling deeply. The wildfire within her roared to life, and a soft groan escaped her.

Annoyance fueled the desire this male ignited. Confusion moved in next as she inhaled, catching his scent once again.

Mine. Her wolf growled and clawed at her, wanting to get at the male. You are crazy if you think I’m allowing us to mate.


Find Charmed Wolf and twelve more amazing alpha filled books in Alphas of Summer!



PRE ORDER NOW! Alphas of Summer!

I have been looking forward to telling you guys about the boxed set I am honoured to be a part of. Operation Wildcat has been included along with many more amazing authors! Be sure to grab your copy for 99¢! The set releases July 18th!


Alphas of Summer Banner

From today’s hottest USA Today and International Bestselling authors:

Lia Davis, Dominique Eastwick, Debra Jess, Megan Michelau, H.M. McQueen, Jordan K. Rose, JD Monroe, Kim Carmichael, Tigris Eden, Jessica Aspen, Lorelei Moone, Mychal Daniels, and V.A. Dold

Wolves, leopards, bears, dragons, humans, mutants, and plenty of ALPHA MALES, Oh my!

Turn up your AC and break out the ice baths. Summer just got a whole lot hotter with this collection of 13 hot alpha shifter novellas. 

AND it’s only on sale for a limited time so grab it while it’s available. #99cents

 Available at your favorite eBook retailer:

Pre order now!

What’s inside:

Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis ~ When secrets and dangers come to light, Dana and Cooper must band together to stop the rogue and his minions before all is lost. But will their bond be enough to harness the power needed to defeat such a foe?


An Alpha’s Second Chance by Dominique Eastwick ~ Lars and Jenny are fated to be together if they can love each other as much as they love Yellowstone the little things shouldn’t matter right? Can Jenny get past the fact the man of her dreams is also an Elk?


A Secret Rose by Debra Jess ~ Secrets, like roses, have thorns. Everyone has a dark side they hide from the world. When the man Dr. Daniella Rose loves is endangered, she must reveal hers, even if it means losing him forever.


Operation Wildcat by Megan Michelau ~ Being a leopard shifter never really phased Jess Baker in the past but when the mysterious Caleb Marsh strolls into town investigating multiple shifter deaths she can’t help but worry. They must band together and bring the ones responsible to justice before their existence is revealed.


Delia & The Werewolf by Jordan K. Rose ~ A woman of her word, Delia Montgomery has never backed down from a challenge. Though, she’d be a liar if she denied being worried about tonight’s friendly wager from her sexy rival. How could she possibly resist his advances at Seductions Nightclub, where drinks flow freely and passion pumps with the beat of the music?


Dragon’s Desire by JD Monroe ~ On his journey into the human world, Pahlin Stormcaller is a dragon out of his element. But when he meets headstrong bartender Violet, he discovers the human world has more to offer than he anticipated. And when a rival dragon threatens Violet, Pahlin must call upon his powerful nature to protect her and defend his own honor.


Pieces of Three by Kim Carmichael ~ When the three of them are shipwrecked on an isolated island after a storm, Julian and Porter find themselves in the middle of the Lykan lunar mating cycle. Both wanting Alyssa, they give into their desires and choose to share her, never realizing they could be risking her life. However, when Alyssa falls ill, Julian and Porter must return to Anthros, the island of the enemy, to save the one they love.


In the Cover of Night by Tigris Eden ~ Cyriaque (Cyr) Ravenueax is seriously rethinking his decision to start mentoring again, especially over the anniversary of the deaths of his wife and son. But when his adversary from the other side of the swamp stakes a claim that isn’t his to make, Cyr realizes that he needs to man up and take action. Only the woman’s appearance in his life is more unsettling than anticipated when he catches her scent and realizes the fates have given him a second chance.


Lone Enforcer by Jessica Aspen ~ Natalie’s hunt for clues leads to a blood soaked piece of land—and a trip down a rocky ravine. When lone wolf, Luca, saves Natalie he realizes—she’s the one. Will Luca reveal his secrets? Or will Natalie’s life be sacrificed for the good of the pack?


Alpha Squad: Boot Camp by Lorelei Moone ~ A few months after the shifters revealed themselves to the world, New Alliance man Eric is asked to join Alpha Squad; a joint shifter and human law enforcement task force. But there are complications: Is Alpha Squad even a serious initiative? And how will Eric focus on his training when he is certain that squad leader, Janine, is his mate?


Cade & Anna by V.A. Dold ~ Seeing his Daughter on the computer screen larger than life sets Cade onto a path of foolish, well-meaning choices. In a state of panic, he instigates a series of disastrous projects with the Help of Simon, Stefan, and Thomas. The final disaster lands Cade and Anna stranded on the family’s island with Anna in labor and no help in sight.


Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma by Mychal Daniels ~ Dragons need privacy. Billionaire dragon, Asher Princeton is a single dad and secret dragon-shifter. He just wants to get away from it all to spend time with his young son over the summer. Its time he showed the boy how to deal with being a dragonling. Daryl Livingston is squatting in his guest house. The young woman makes his dragon come alive. The last thing he expected was to find his true mate living in his guest house. Only problem… it’s going to take everything in Asher’s power to convince her of that.


Choices by H.M. McQueen ~ When an Immortal warrior rescues Rachel Andrews, the handsome Protector, drags her into a world she would never believed existed. The actions of one night drastically alter the course of his long existence. Torn between emotions and his life’s calling, Roderick Cronan comes face to face with the fact that he is losing both.