Alphas of Summer Preview: Dragons Desire by JD Monroe

Want another peak into the Alphas of Summer boxed set? Here’s JD Monroe’s book Dragon’s Desire.

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Her attentiveness wasn’t entirely because they were attractive. She wanted to place their accents. While she was no linguistic expert, she could pick out a few of the more common ones, and this one wasn’t ringing any bells.

“You want another?” she said as she approached. The clean-shaven one had only drunk about half of his beer. He winced, then forced a smile. “Or something else?”

“What are those?” the one with the goatee asked, gesturing toward the customer with the Fireball shots.

“That? That’s Fireball,” she said.

“Fireball,” the clean-shaven one said slowly. “Is it good?”

“If you like to not feel your face,” she said. His hand drifted to his jaw. “You want to try it?”

“Sure,” the goateed one said. “How much?”

“This one’s on the house,” she said. She pulled out three shot glasses and lined them up, then poured a generous shot of the cinnamon whiskey into each. Before pushing them across the bar, she said, “I don’t drink with strangers. I’m Violet. And you are?”

“I’m Eric,” the one with the goatee said. “And this is my friend Paul.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said. “Where are you from? I’ve been trying to place your accent.”

Paul’s eyes widened slightly. “Not from here.”

“Yeah, I got that,” she said playfully.

“Eastern Europe,” Eric said quickly. There was a weird expression on Paul’s face, almost like relief. His constant deference to Eric was strange, but it could have just been a language thing. If he didn’t speak great English, then he might be relying heavily on his friend to help out. Still, it was weird that he didn’t name a specific country. Maybe they thought she was too dumb to recognize it. Whatever. They were cute and maybe the Fireball would loosen them up to give good tips. She wasn’t going to pry.

She smiled. The soft pink color painted on her lips distracted him, drawing his eye to the full curve of her lower lip. “Been in any fights lately?”

He laughed. “Not in a few days.”

“Your face looks much better,” she said. “What are you drinking?”

 He paused. “Not whatever you gave me the other night. I was very ill.”

 “You were sick?”

  “A headache,” he said. What was the word Ariv had used? “I was hungover.”

She grinned. “To be fair, you drank a lot of it. That much of anything will give you a hangover. Give me a minute.” She spun around, sending her glossy hair flying. As she reached for bottles on the backlit shelves, he had a fine view of her figure. There was a lovely curve to her shape. It awakened an almost compulsive desire to run his hand from her waist to her thigh, exploring that sweeping curve of hip as he buried his face in the smooth warmth of her neck. She turned back to him and caught him staring. “You still here?”

He shook himself. “I was thinking,” he said, hoping his cheeks weren’t red. He watched intently as she poured streams from two bottles into a glass of ice. Her teeth tugged at her lower lip as she dumped the contents of the glass into a silver container, shook it vigorously, then dumped it back into the glass. After adding a wedge of lemon to the edge and dropping a cherry into the glass, she pushed it across the bar to him. “What’s this?”

“This is a Tom Collins,” she said. “It’s a solid drink. You’ll like it. If not, we’ll keep trying.”

He accepted it. “What do I owe you?”

“It’s on the house,” she said.


She propped a hand on her hip. “If the bartender gives you free drinks, you don’t ask why. You smile and say thank you.” Her tone was teasing, not angry.

Emboldened by her coy smile, he leaned closer. Her eyes were mesmerizing, a shade of green with a hint of gold that made him think of leaves just about to turn. “Then I will simply say thank you. The bartender has my highest regards.”

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Alphas of Summer Preview: In the Cover of Night by Tigris Eden

Check out the latest sneak peak of the Alphas of Summer boxed set! This week it’s In the Cover of Night by Tigris Eden!

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Lightning illuminated the dark clouds, followed by the rumble of thunder. Great! Just fucking great! Of course, she’d get stuck in a torrential downpour with no cell service and a broken-down vehicle. It wasn’t like anything else could go wrong. Oh, wait. You’re in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and have no clue where you are. Her flight had been delayed two hours. Causing her more of a headache. The only car they had at the rental place was a small Ford Focus when what she needed was an SUV.

Darkness embraced her, much like the soaked shirt that clung to her breasts. As the rain pelted her, Onessa tried not to curse. The night held all kinds of hazards, from the thicket of bushes that snagged against her jeans to the murky mud sucking at her sneakers. Where is the damn sidewalk? She didn’t want to walk directly on the asphalt for fear of being struck by a car, or worse, picked up by some nut job. Nikes don’t fail me now. Trudging along, Onessa walked in the direction she’d been driving. Hopefully, a gas station or some sort of convenience store appeared soon. Not a single streetlight lit her path. Thunderous clouds covered the moon, her only light source. Still, Onessa kept moving. The rain fell faster, and as she picked up her pace, she noticed multiple sets of yellow eyes off in the distance in what she assumed was the woods. Please let it be my imagination. She hoped it was her mind playing tricks on her. But as luck would have it—especially her luck—those ominous eyes were real.

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Alphas of Summer Preview: Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma by Mychal Daniels

Another week, another snippet! This time from the amazing Mychal Daniels and her novel Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma! Check it out!

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That was the cue Asher needed to break up this tea party. Bounding into the doorway with the metal ball still in one hand, he said in his best, deep voice, “What’s going on in here and who are you?”

The young woman that stood before him wasn’t what he was expecting. She jumped, dropping the dishes onto the counter. First, she was… black. The voice had thrown him a little. Next, she was very attractive in a raw, real, honest, primal kind of way. Wait was that the right thing to think? He was a self-proclaimed feminist and lover of all types of people. Was it wrong to use those words to describe her? She was different, not what he’d expected with how she’d spoken with Brock, that’s all.


His dick twitched to punctuate the conviction of this truth. The sight of the young, beautiful woman had instantly turned him on. Unlike Monique, who was fifteen years older and had always had a sisterly vibe over him; Daryl hit him in the gut with want and need—to have her. And she wasn’t even trying!

Shit—just want he needed, a woman who could make his plans for a quiet summer very difficult if he spent any amount of time with her. Desire to have her was quick to the forefront, pushing reason and logic down and out. He wanted this woman. She was like no one he’d ever been attracted to before. And there was something about the set of her smile and demeanor that said she wouldn’t fall for his charm easily. That was enough for his dragon to stir and press against his skin.

Down boy. 

He had to stay cool and not get sidetracked by lust. In the time it took to take a breath and quick beat to regroup, he scanned her body from head to toe. Natural beauty assailed his senses and completely woke up his dragon. She was perfection. Habit was the only safety that had him guarding against flirting, but it was a challenge.

Asher had been around enough women to know when they had help looking as good as they did. This woman had been under no one’s surgical knife, wore no makeup, and her curly hair was in neat, thick plaits, sort of how a little girl would wear them. As for her pajamas, they were a tank and booty shorts that drove him crazy. They hugged her body in all the right ways. From the fullness of breasts that weighed the front of the tank top sleepwear down to the stretching of the sleepwear boxers that clung to shapely hips and ass for days, to the thick thighs that tapered down into smooth brown toned and well-proportioned legs, she was sexy as fuck.

Instantaneous flashes of those legs tightly wrapped around his hips as he dove into her hot full body rocketed through his mind, sending signals to his dick to advance. It made total sense why his kid was into her. He ached to readjust himself with how fast he’d gotten hard. Instinct had him moving the metal ball to cover his groin area with how his body reacted to hers.

It took less than a minute for her to zone in on the metal ball he held in front of his growing hard on.


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Alphas of Summer Preview: Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis Excerpt

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Alphas of Summer is now available for pre order and I wanted to give you all a taste of what’s going to be included in the boxed set. Over the next few weeks I will share an excerpt from some of the books that are included in the set.

First up…

Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis

It took her less than twenty minutes to reach the small one-bedroom cottage she owned in the middle of nowhere on a fifty-acre plot of neutral zone land. She parked her car in front of the cabin and sighed. The peaceful sounds of the forest wrapped around her, both calming and nerve-wracking at the same time. She guessed it would take her three days tops to go mad from the seclusion.

Emerging from her car, she sniffed the air and stilled. There was another wolf nearby. A male. His soft, woodsy scent called to her, alluring. She growled and followed the scent. Each step closer to the male put her wolf further on edge.

She knew she should just let it go, but he was on her property. He needed to leave.

She jogged ahead, not even trying to be stealthy. If she could smell him, then he could smell her. His scent threw her off and fueled her annoyance even more. Spice and mint mixed together in an intoxicating aroma that made her wolf stand at attention, eager to be closer to the male. No. He couldn’t be their mate. A sudden wave of desire hit her, knocking her off balance and pissing her off. She didn’t want a mate. She didn’t want to put her trust in any male besides her brother.

Her arranged mating with Ross had been lesson enough to teach her that a mate could poison the bond and betray her.

Been there, done that stupid shit.

After rounding a large oak, she skidded to a stop. Pale green eyes locked with hers. The muscles in the male’s strong jaw flexed. His brown hair hung in his face. Fuck, he was gorgeous. A black tee stretched tautly across his muscular chest, leaving nothing to the imagination.

She growled. “What are you doing here?”

One corner of his sensual mouth lifted in a crooked smile. “It’s a neutral zone.”

“You have to leave.”

The other side of his kissable lips lifted, and he stalked toward her. The heat in his stare was almost too much for her. His voice seemed to caress her as he replied. “I don’t think so.”

Damn. His arousal slammed into her, fueling her own as he continued forward. Straightening her spine, she stood her ground. Besides, her wolf wanted him. How could one male make her body ache all over? Fucking hell. This wasn’t happening. She held out a hand and let out another warning growl. “Don’t come any closer.”

One dark brow rose, and the wicked half-smile remained. There was a seductive challenge in his green depths. “Or what?”

Faster than she’d anticipated, he closed the distance between them, snaked an arm around her waist, and meshed their bodies together. Heat infused her body, and her pussy ached. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling deeply. The wildfire within her roared to life, and a soft groan escaped her.

Annoyance fueled the desire this male ignited. Confusion moved in next as she inhaled, catching his scent once again.

Mine. Her wolf growled and clawed at her, wanting to get at the male. You are crazy if you think I’m allowing us to mate.


Find Charmed Wolf and twelve more amazing alpha filled books in Alphas of Summer!



Guest Post: Love and Wisdom (God’s Behaving Badly Book 5) by Sheri Velarde

Love and Wisdom: Gods Behaving Badly Book 5

By Sheri Velarde

Only .99 cents and free on Kindle Unlimited



Writing What You Know vs. What Interests You

There are many opinions about what authors should write about. One is that we should write about what we know. As a romance author, I suppose that is true to some point. We all know the human experience and love, in one shape or another. We all interact with others and know how relationships work or don’t work in some cases. And as much as I do put my own experiences into writing, I also believe that you should write about not just what you know, but also write about what interests you.

I have always loved mythology and it is that love and interest that led to my Gods Behaving Badly series. Greek mythology is full of characters that I want to explore, drama already built into them that I can expand on and make my own. Seriously, who could be better to write a steamy romance series about than naughty gods? I have so much fun putting ancient figures into modern times, giving them my own spin, and seeing how they react.

The very first short in this series, Looted, was originally meant to be one story for an anthology. However the response from the first one was so good and I started to get more ideas for the characters, so a series was born. As I am now releasing Book 5, Love and Wisdom, I am entering edits on Book 6 and there are at least six more books in the series planned. I am having fun recreating some of the mythological creatures and the trouble they get into. While there is a larger overarching mystery in the Gods Behaving Badly series, each book in and of itself is a love story between a couple. That is how I am combining what I know with what I am interested in. I get to research gods of old as I write about the human experience, which is what I really love about writing.



The next morning dawned with Athena feeling apprehensive yet powerful at the same time. She had forgotten how the gods fed each other’s powers. Zeus had done his job well by turning them all against one another before his hostile takeover. They were all weaker now, but she sensed that was slowly diminishing. The gods were becoming powerful once more. The question was why.

She went into the kitchen to find Bruce already there and cooking. “You cook too? My sister certainly lucked out when she found you. If you don’t mind me saying, you are much more intelligent and down to earth than her usual consorts. I like you, which is rare for me to like anyone.” Bruce looked at her cursorily, clearly not sure what to say, so she clarified a bit. “Don’t look so perplexed, Detective. I am just stating the facts, not coming on to you. I play for the other team, as you said last night.”

“Sophia was right. You certainly are blunt, even for a god.” Bruce chuckled and slid a plated omelet her way. “Janine will be here at ten. She took the assignment as a favor for me. Of that, I am certain. We do need to come up with a plausible story of events, so we do not have to try to explain that you and Sophia are ancient gods.”

They ate in companionable silence, Athena assumed both thinking of a cover story. Soon enough, Sophia joined them. Athena marveled at how enjoyable it was to share a meal with others, to work on a plan someone else. She began to realize how lonely she had become having no contact with her family, or anyone for that matter, and found herself envying the closeness between Bruce and Sophia. She had a reputation for being cold and untouchable, but she needed love just like any other being. She just hadn’t experienced it in so long that she’d grown used to the loneliness and to depending solely on herself. Now, though, seeing her sister and her empath together, all of her hidden feelings came bubbling up to the surface, and she ached with the pain she felt.

Luckily, she was saved by the bell from her musings, literally, as her doorbell rang and pulled her from her thoughts. “That must be your detective friend. I’ll let her in.” Glad for the distraction, she hurried to the door.

Athena tried to push her emotions back. She was a creature of facts and wisdom. Emotions made her feel unbalanced and out of control. She did not like to feel out of control, but it seemed the fates were making her feel just that at the moment for she got the shock of her long life when she opened her front door. A breathtaking woman in a suit stood there, looking strong and serious but friendly at the same time. While being quite the dark-haired exotic beauty, that was not what knocked Athena off her guard. Before her stood the second empath she had seen in the past two days after thinking them all extinct for over two thousand years.

“Hello, I am Janine Cho. A colleague of mine, Detective Bruce Stoker, asked me to meet him here?” Janine smiled, but Athena could see the confusion in the woman’s eyes from the power which no doubt surged through her being in the presence of a god for the first time.

Coming back to her senses and manners, Athena stepped back from the door. “Yes, please come in. I’m Athena, and Bruce called you on my behalf.” She could not help but preen a little, shaking her golden locks ever so slightly and straitening her stance to better show off her figure. She was no goddess of love, but had been greatly admired for her beauty, nonetheless, in the past. Suddenly, that seemed very important to her.

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Author Bio


Sheri Velarde lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.

She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website

In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.

I Give Thanks and Also a Sneak Peek!

PAULO Brochure_Flat (Landscape , Portrait)  Postcard_Flat (Lands

First off… Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. I hope you’re stomachs are full of turkey and you had a blast catching up with family and friends. My mom made the most delicious ham and scalloped spud dinner earlier in the week so we could spend the holiday with my whole family. It’s always so nice to get some quality time with everyone.

I also I want to give thanks for everything I’ve been so lucky to receive over the past year.

I’ve been so fortunate to be able to follow the dream I’ve so desperately worked toward. I want to thank my husband for working so hard so I can stay home and raise our daughter, and pursue my dream of writing for a living. Just like everyone else we’ve been through some tough times, but we always come out on top; thankfully. That’s the reason I’m so grateful for everything we have and everything we are working so hard toward.

I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter, V. She’s spunky, funny, and creative. She keeps us on our toes and we love that about her. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at her and feel pride at how she’d flourished. She inspires me to be the best I can be, I want her to be proud of me and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me, whether is was by purchasing my books, sharing my posts, or even spreading the news by word of mouth. I appreciate everything you guys do. I love getting feedback from all of you about my books. About how much you love the characters, how you root for them, and how you look forward to the next instalment. It makes my writing less of a job and more of adventure in how I can wow you all.

And because I appreciate you guys so much, I decided to give you all a little Thanksgiving treat…An excerpt from the upcoming third novel in my Keystone series, Unbearable. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Without further ado…

Chapter One

“Can you believe this?” Kelsey Martin exclaimed. Another headline in bold splashed across the front page of the Blackford Times about another drug overdose. This was the third one this month. There was a new drug flooding the streets and it was leaving destruction and devastation in its wake.

Kelsey had grown up in Blackford and was never exposed to the hard core drugs of the bigger cities but it was slowly making its way to her quiet and quaint town. The latest victim was a local boy who she used to baby sit. She remembered him as a snot nosed little kid who would do anything to fit in and obviously that translated into peer pressure and drug use. What a shame. What a waste. The potential these kids were flushing down the drain was incomprehensible.

“I hope to God that he pulls through. I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through.” Kelsey crumpled the paper in frustration and tossed it into the trash can. “Well that was depressing.”

It was Saturday night and The Pint was bursting at the seams. It was just what she needed to keep her mind from the tragic news she’d just read. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Spring break in Blackford always proved to bring in the crowds. The college kids always made their way home and never failed to stop by their friendly neighborhood pub as a result. Kelsey had been working at The Pint for the past six years and she had worked her way up from being a bartender to the manager. The older couple who owned the bar were retired and needed someone to keep tabs on the place while they lived out their lives in Florida. She took her job very seriously and that helped contribute to its success.

With her new found responsibilities she’d made it her mission to see the business thrive and flourish. She began to advertise the specials, added a menu of pub food and planned theme nights. People loved it and flocked in from even the surrounding towns. Karaoke was one of the community’s favorite and the place was packed. Just how she liked it.

She had been going non stop since she opened and it showed no signs of slowing any time soon.

“Hey Kels? Could you do me a favor and take that table’s order?” Aubrey asked hesitantly. She was always so fun and outgoing but for some reason was acting timid and withdrawn. Kelsey snuck a peek at the table she was referring too and saw exactly why her friend was refusing to serve them.

Aubrey had a tendency to be attracted to bad boys. Bikers, rock stars, wannabe gangsters. You name it she’s tried it. Tonight it was her ex boyfriend Shawn and his cronies. They were members of the Nomad motorcycle ‘club’. Gang was more like it. She’d never had problems with them but she’d heard of some instances where things got ugly real quick.

“Sure. No problem.” Kelsey would do anything for her employees. She’d seen what condition Aubrey had been in after she’d broken it off with Shawn. The black eye was hard to cover even with the most expensive makeup. The urge to call the police was strong but Aubrey made her promise to not say anything. She had begrudgingly agreed.

She grabbed a pad of paper and headed over. Determined to keep Aubrey out of Shawn’s grimy reach. She approached the group and pasted on a smile that she definitely didn’t feel.

“Hey boys! What can I getcha?” The conversation stopped immediately and Shawn looked up abruptly when he realized Aubrey wasn’t serving them. He sat back in his chair and crossed his leather bound arms across his broad chest, a sneer pasted across his bearded face.

“Where’s Aubrey?” A toothpick hung haphazardly from the corner of his mouth and threatened to drop at a moments notice.

“She’s busy but I can take your order.” She smiled sweetly.

“We’ll wait.” Without another word he leaned forward and rested his forearms on the table. Completely dismissing her as he resumed conversation with his friends.

“Then you’ll be waiting for a long time because there’s no way she’s coming to serve you.” She was sick of playing nice, this asshole needed to know his place.

“What did you say?” A mask of disbelief splashed across his face. He acted as if no one had ever stood up against him before let alone a woman.

“You heard me.” The tension between them was tangible. The rest of the men at the table began to bristle with agitation. She could feel the entire bar’s eyes on her, the weight of their gazes felt like a ton of bricks.

Shawn stared at her for a long moment before he reached up and removed the chewed toothpick from his mouth. A malicious smile crept across his face, it didn’t fail to sicken her stomach. How many times had he looked at Aubrey like this? She felt nauseous at the very thought of it.

He shoved his chair back violently, it fell to the ground and landed with a bang. Her heart threatened to leap from her chest as adrenaline coursed through her veins. The bravado she felt prior to this was definitely starting to dwindle. She took a deep breath and stood her ground as he approached. The man stood over six feet tall, nearly dwarfing her. He stopped right in front of her and leaned forward until they were face to face.

“Listen bitch…” He waved his finger in front of her face, spittle gathered at the corners of his mouth. Damn near frothing. But before he could continue Kelsey heard heavy footfalls approaching fast.

Shawn must have realized they had company because he looked over her shoulder and stood as tall as he could. She didn’t need to turn around to see who it was, it didn’t take a genius to guess. The shadow the man was casting damn near eclipsed Shawn. A stark expression of fear swept across the asshole’s face. There was only one man that was capable of that and that was Tucker Peters.

“Wh.. what do you want?” Shawn stuttered. Kelsey could feel the warmth of Tucker’s body heat against her back, she sighed in pleasure. “This has nothing to do with you.” He finally finished.

“Actually it has everything to do with me.” Tucker placed his massive hands on her shoulders and gently moved her out of the way. “You made it my business when you started threatening a woman.” With one giant step Tucker was face to face with the biker. “And from what I understand you like to hit women.” He placed his fist in his hand and cracked every knuckle and repeated with the other hand. “I don’t tolerate that bullshit.”

Shawn’s friends all began to stand one by one, there was no way they would allow their buddy to get the shit kicked out of him. They were notorious for not fighting fair but what they didn’t know was even if they did jump in Tucker would annihilate every single one of them. The entire bar had gone silent, you could’ve heard a pin drop.

“I don’t want no trouble.” Todd held his hands up in defense and took a shaky step back. His friends took the hint and back off as well.

“Then grab your shit and go.”

He nodded at Tucker and slipped past him, his friends followed his lead. The bell above the door signaled their departure. Kelsey turned back to Tucker and watched as he clenched and unclenched his hands repeatedly.

She took a tentative step forward and laced her fingers in with his. He inhaled deeply and turned to look at her. All tension eased from his shoulders and he flashed her the most dazzling smile she’d ever seen. As much as she hated to admit it his devilish grins made her weak in the knees.

“You okay?” His question dripped with concern.

“You know it.” She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and smiled. “Thanks for the help.” He gave her a quick wink and moved in for a hug. Which if you thought about it was kind of funny. She was getting a hug from a six and a half foot grizzly shifter. Which meant she was getting an official bear hug.

Tucker Peters was part of a shifter run organization that had come to the aid of her best friend Jess, who happened to be in love with the team leader, Caleb Marsh. Kelsey hadn’t known about the shifter world until she was dropped into the middle of it but ever since then they had become some of her closest friends.

She moved away from the embrace first and headed back to the bar, he followed close behind and grabbed a stool near the end of the counter. Aubrey came out from the back office and met her with a shy smile.

“Thank you so much Kels!” She wrapped her arms around Kelsey’s shoulders and gave a tight hug.

“I didn’t do much, Tucker was the one who convinced him to leave.” To be honest she didn’t know what she would have done if Tucker hadn’t shown up. She probably would’ve ended up calling the cops but there would have definitely been a hell of a lot of damage.

Aubrey peeked around Kelsey’s shoulder and blatantly admired him. A twinge of jealousy bloomed in her chest. She knew she shouldn’t feel like that with the amount of times she said no to his interest but she couldn’t help it.

“Well, ain’t he a tall drink of water. Is he single?” That twinge of jealousy morphed into a full blown fit that she disguised very well. She couldn’t help herself but she needed to shut Aubrey’s interest down.

“I think he’s got a girlfriend actually.” She felt bad for lying but she couldn’t bear to see Tucker with Aubrey, let alone anyone else.

“Damn! Oh well.” She laughed and headed out to the floor to take drink orders.

Now that she nipped that situation in the bud she could get back to the task at hand. She popped the top off a Budweiser and placed it in front of him. He began to pull out his wallet but she waved it away. “It’s on the house.” She flashed him a smile and gave him a quick wink.

“So whatcha been up to?” She rested her forearms on the bar and leaned in so she could hear Tucker. He’d been gone for over a week because he’d been called away for work. But now that she took a good look at him she could see he appeared worse for wear.

Ever since she’d met Tucker she’d only known him to be jovial and outgoing. He now appeared to be weary and tired.

“Let’s just say I’m glad I’m home.” He said as if to reassure her, when it did anything but. “I just want to relax… and maybe go on a date with a hot young bartender.” He chuckled and sighed. Tucker’s flirting was a regular occurrence but there was usually passion behind it but today it was lack luster and it really worried her.

“Tell you what…” She had an idea and hoped he went for it. “I’m actually getting off work in about an hour, so how bout’ you pick me up and I’ll cook you a late dinner.” Her offer seemed to perk him up because the smile she was so used to flashed onto his handsome face.

“That would be great!” He chugged the rest of his beer and slid the empty bottle to her. “I’m gonna run home and grab a quick shower. Is there anything you want me to pick up?”

“Nope, I should have everything.” She smiled at his eager demeanor. “See you in an hour.” She needed to get a few things done before she clocked out but she definitely was looking forward to her date with Tucker. It was going to make the rest of her shift go by in a flash.

So hopefully I haven’t lost any of you and you’re just as excited about Unbearable as I am. Tucker is my all time favourite character and I can’t wait for you see what shenanigans he gets into (Hint: he gets into a lot!)

Anyways, I hope you had an amazing weekend! Here’s to another jam packed week ahead of us!


Operation Wildcat (A Keystone Novel, Book One)

Jess Baker thought being a leopard shifter in the small town of Blackford was the most exciting thing that was ever going to happen in her life. She wandered through life blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurked behind the seemingly peaceful façade of her hometown.

Her world is flipped upside down when the mysterious Caleb Marsh waltzes into her family’s diner. Little does she know that the intriguing stranger will be the key to her survival.

Caleb Marsh is a man on a mission. He’s been charged with the job of finding the men responsible in the deaths of shifters throughout the country. When he stumbles upon a local shifter willing to assist in any way she can he can’t help but be compelled to see where the path leads. The lines between duty and love begin to blur and Caleb must do what he does best to protect not only her but the shifter community as well. Will their bond be severed or strengthened?



Cherry Bomb (A Keystone Novel, Book Two)

Cherry Newman hasn’t been home in years, her successful career with Keystone has kept her away from her family. A panicked phone call from her mother has her rushing home to help in any way she can. Little does she know that what she thought would be a simple investigation turns into much more. Her brothers mysteriously disappear and she can’t help but suspect the worse. She recruits the devilishly handsome Jericho Trewes to help her with her with her mission.

Jericho Trewes had been looking for a pack to call his own ever since the tragic death of his parents. He thought he’d found it with the Moore’s but his whole world comes crashing down once again when the enticing Cherry Newman saunters into his life. Her questions leave him doubting everything he’d been told. She makes him believe he could have a family of his own but at what cost?




Megan lives on seven acres of land in rural Alberta, Canada and enjoys the simple country life. Paranormal romance allows her to create the places and characters she has always wanted to read about. She enjoys bringing her stories to life every chance she gets. When she isn’t writing she’s spending time with her husband and daughter whether it’s camping, riding ATV’s or just hanging out at home. Her family is the most important thing to her.

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