One step closer!

I have been on Cloud 9 for the last few days and heres why…

As many of you know, I had sent in my manuscript Operation Wildcat to a handful of publishers in hopes to pique some interest. Even though the wait was pure torture, I finally heard back from all of the publishers I had submitted to. I received one rejection letter and two revise and resubmits (Yay!) I have to be honest… that rejection letter might have stung a bit but it was soon overshadowed by the two R&R emails I also received. My manuscript may not have been what that one publisher was looking for but the other two publisher’s saw promise within the pages.

So, after much deliberation and discussion with my husband, I decided which R&R I would choose. I made the changes that were suggested and resubmitted the manuscript.

So lets fast forward to Wednesday April 8th. I was contacted by the editor I had resubmitted my manuscript to and she had the greatest news ever!

She offered me a contract for Operation Wildcat through Three Worlds Press!

( I literally did a happy dance around my living room but Carlton does it sooo much better)

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this conversation made me. I was in shock for the whole day. I received my official acceptance email that evening and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

Now the real work begins and I honestly can’t wait. My dream is coming true and I couldn’t be happier!