Alphas of Summer Preview: In the Cover of Night by Tigris Eden

Check out the latest sneak peak of the Alphas of Summer boxed set! This week it’s In the Cover of Night by Tigris Eden!

Alphas of Summer Banner

Lightning illuminated the dark clouds, followed by the rumble of thunder. Great! Just fucking great! Of course, she’d get stuck in a torrential downpour with no cell service and a broken-down vehicle. It wasn’t like anything else could go wrong. Oh, wait. You’re in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and have no clue where you are. Her flight had been delayed two hours. Causing her more of a headache. The only car they had at the rental place was a small Ford Focus when what she needed was an SUV.

Darkness embraced her, much like the soaked shirt that clung to her breasts. As the rain pelted her, Onessa tried not to curse. The night held all kinds of hazards, from the thicket of bushes that snagged against her jeans to the murky mud sucking at her sneakers. Where is the damn sidewalk? She didn’t want to walk directly on the asphalt for fear of being struck by a car, or worse, picked up by some nut job. Nikes don’t fail me now. Trudging along, Onessa walked in the direction she’d been driving. Hopefully, a gas station or some sort of convenience store appeared soon. Not a single streetlight lit her path. Thunderous clouds covered the moon, her only light source. Still, Onessa kept moving. The rain fell faster, and as she picked up her pace, she noticed multiple sets of yellow eyes off in the distance in what she assumed was the woods. Please let it be my imagination. She hoped it was her mind playing tricks on her. But as luck would have it—especially her luck—those ominous eyes were real.

AND it’s only on sale for a limited time so grab it while it’s available. #99cents

Available at your favorite eBook retailer:


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