Fall is finally here!

Hello all you gorgeous people! Hope the first few days of Fall has been treating you well.

I for one LOVE Fall! It’s by far my favourite season and I’m enjoying every beautiful minute of it.


My family and I seem to spend a lot more time outside during the cool fall evenings. Summer is great but if it’s not the bugs trying to eat you alive, it’s the crazy hot days that make you feel like you’re on the surface of the sun.

Fall also means the start of canning season! Yay for pickles, salsa, tomato sauce, and pickled beets! So far I’ve made two batches of salsa (One batch mild and the other spicy) and one batch of canned peaches. The beets are a must and my husband has requested pickles and pickled carrots, so that’s been added to the list!


I’ve also caught up on a bunch of DIY projects I’ve been dying to finish. With all this work being done around the house and in the kitchen it does mean that my writing has taken a backseat. I’m honestly okay with that. Winter is coming (Seriously when does Game of Thrones come back on?) and that will leave me with a lot of inside time, whether I want to be inside or not. So Tucker’s story will commence when the snow flies but for now I need to catch up with my home life.


But seriously how gorgeous is photo of my silly munchkin and her new kitty Shesh (short for Cheshire)? Anyways, I think that just about it for me. I hope you are all doing well… Until next time!


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Operation Wildcat



Jess Baker thought being a leopard shifter in the small town of Blackford was the most exciting thing that was ever going to happen in her life. She wandered through life blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurked behind the seemingly peaceful façade of her hometown.

Her world is flipped upside down when the mysterious Caleb Marsh waltzes into her family’s diner. Little does she know that the intriguing stranger will be the key to her survival.

Caleb Marsh is a man on a mission. He’s been charged with the job of finding the men responsible in the deaths of shifters throughout the country. When he stumbles upon a local shifter willing to assist in any way she can he can’t help but be compelled to see where the path leads. The lines between duty and love begin to blur and Caleb must do what he does best to protect not only her but the shifter community as well. Will their bond be severed or strengthened?



Cherry Bomb



Cherry Newman hasn’t been home in years, her successful career with Keystone has kept her away from her family. A panicked phone call from her mother has her rushing home to help in any way she can. Little does she know that what she thought would be a simple investigation turns into much more. Her brothers mysteriously disappear and she can’t help but suspect the worse. She recruits the devilishly handsome Jericho Trewes to help her with her with her mission.

Jericho Trewes had been looking for a pack to call his own ever since the tragic death of his parents. He thought he’d found it with the Moore’s but his whole world comes crashing down once again when the enticing Cherry Newman saunters into his life. Her questions leave him doubting everything he’d been told. She makes him believe he could have a family of his own but at what cost?


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