Long time no see!


I feel like I’m constantly apologizing for my sporadic presence on here and I know I’ve slacked so bad with my blog and I’m sorry for that but it’s been quite the wild ride these past few months. I figured now that I’ve gotten everything under control I would fill you in on what’s been happening in my life since the last time I talked to you.

As you all know Operation Wildcat was contracted by the publisher Three Worlds Press back in April 2015 and it was published December 2015. Unfortunately, Three Worlds Press closed its doors February 2016.

I was faced with the decision to either send Operation Wildcat out to be considered for publication with another publisher or begin the process of self publishing. So after my rights were reverted back to me I decided to self publish. I’d been looking into it for months and figured ‘no time like the present” and jumped right in.

So, after I republished my book (which is available here) I began to contemplate the future of the Keystone series. I had finished the first draft of the second book in the series, Cherry Bomb, and decided that I would publish the rest of them myself. And as far as I can tell, so far so good.

So now that I’ve given you a recap of the past few months I want to tell you about some of the amazing news I’ve just received!

Operation Wildcat was reviewed by InD’Tale Magazine and it received 4.5 stars! (You can read it here). So it’s not only amazing to receive such a high review but I’m also nominated for a RONE award for my novella. So during the week of May 16th – 22nd I need people to vote for Operation Wildcat and if it becomes a finalist it will then move to the judge vote. I can’t get over how well Operation Wildcat has been received in the short time it’s been available. I know I couldn’t do it without the support from my family and friends. So fingers crossed I do well in the RONE awards!

Again, I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent over the last few months but I promise I’ll be posting much more. I will keep you posted on my progression through the self publishing world, upcoming books, guest author posts, etc. So stay tuned!