Free First Chapter Critique and Content Edit

Are you looking to get your current WIP critiqued? Then this is perfect for you! Send in your first chapter and get some great advice.

Musings by Mandy

images penIt has been a long time since I did this! I am happy to be reviving my splendid idea for paying it forward:)  Because I am human, and have editing responsibilities at Lyrical and Three Worlds Press’s I have to limit the number of free critiques. I will be accepting the first five I receive for edits.
Here’s how it will work:
1.  I will post GO on my blog on January 22nd. When you see it you can send in those first chapters.
2. I will post go around noon that day.
3. Once I receive five, I will post closed.
4. I will content edit the chapters and provide some feedback.
The rules, because everything needs rules:
 Once you see the invitation e-mail your first chapter to
 Include your name, genre, email address and a short synopsis.
 Chapter not to exceed 2,000 words.
 One chapter per writer/author…

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