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Are you looking to get your current WIP critiqued? Then this is perfect for you! Send in your first chapter and get some great advice.

Musings by Mandy

images penIt has been a long time since I did this! I am happy to be reviving my splendid idea for paying it forward:)  Because I am human, and have editing responsibilities at Lyrical and Three Worlds Press’s I have to limit the number of free critiques. I will be accepting the first five I receive for edits.
Here’s how it will work:
1.  I will post GO on my blog on January 22nd. When you see it you can send in those first chapters.
2. I will post go around noon that day.
3. Once I receive five, I will post closed.
4. I will content edit the chapters and provide some feedback.
The rules, because everything needs rules:
 Once you see the invitation e-mail your first chapter to
 Include your name, genre, email address and a short synopsis.
 Chapter not to exceed 2,000 words.
 One chapter per writer/author…

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Review: Scandalous Endeavors by Amanda Marie

23608909Amelia has a huge problem. She has lost both of her parents and with only being 19, has to move to America with her remaining family until she is of age. The only thing is she doesn’t want to go. She loves England and needs to find a way to convince her Uncle to let her stay. Amelia along with her friends, Lady Sarah and Lady Grace, hatch a plan so scandalous that if anyone found out she would be the talk of the town.

She needs to snag herself a husband – and fast. Two months to be precise. The problem is that she is in mourning and it is a major faux pas to try to court anyone during this time. But Amelia doesn’t have time to worry about social graces, she needs to find an eligible bachelor, now. With the help of her friends they construct a plan  Now, they just have to make it happen.

What Amelia didn’t account for was the devilishly handsome Lord Goldstone to show up and throw a wrench in her well laid plans. The Scottish Lord is not only beautiful but also infuriating. Every time Amelia makes a move to snag herself an English Lord, he seems to be just in time to kibosh the whole thing. He also seems to be enjoying himself way too much.

Amelia must figure out what she wants before her times runs out. Does she want a marriage of convenience or one of love?

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5. This was a great read. Short, fun and very entertaining. Amanda paints a vivid picture of Amelia’s world.

The only reason I didn’t give Scandalous Endeavors 5 stars is I wish we got to see more of Amelia and Lord Goldstone’s interactions. Their witty banter was highly entertaining and I would have loved to see more. Also, I would have loved it if Lord Goldstone had a Scottish brogue, but I’m assuming that since his land is so close to England that he picked up an English accent.

I look forward to reading more from Amanda Marie in the future

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Review: A Flawed Jewel by Dawn Brower


Pieretta aka Pia has just lost her father and now has to leave the only home she has ever known to live with her grandfather in France. She sets off to her new home but little does she know that the voyage is about to take a unscheduled turn.

Thor is a pirate with a plan. A plan of revenge, against the man who betrayed him and left him for dead. That same man happens to be Pia’s grandfather. He lies in wait for her ship to pass by and sets his plan in motion. Pia not only becomes his captive but also becomes his obsession.

A Flawed Jewel was a quick, entertaining read. I was able to finish this book in one sitting. The characters had great chemistry and made you want more. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of pirate novels but Dawn created a great story that hooked me from the beginning. I give A Flawed Jewel 4 stars. I look forward to reading more from this author.

The Journey Thus Far…

So, I’ll start with a quick run down of who I am and what this blog means for me.

My name is Megan Michelau and I’m a stay at home mom to my very adorable 3 year old daughter. But on top of cooking, cleaning, and general mommy/ wifey duties, I’ve also added aspiring author to that long list. It all began when I started jotting down the random storylines that were floating around my head years ago. I had accumulated dozens of pocket sized notepads with scenes, conversations and character profiles. They were always within reach, always just a thought away.

After what seemed like forever, I finally got the courage to participate in NaNoWriMo in 2011. Notice how I said “participate” and not “completed”? 8000 words for my first attempt is good right?

Fast forward 3 years, to the day I finished my first manuscript, Operation Wildcat. A paranormal romance that’s just over 33K words and one of my greatest achievements. I have sent it out to a few publishers in hopes of getting some interest. Now, it’s the waiting game, by the way, I’m terrible at waiting. Just ask my husband, making me wait for Christmas Day is a fight all on it’s own. The knowledge that someone is reading and critiquing my “baby” is part of the anxiousness I feel. But in the long run, even if I’m not published I will still learn and refine my new passion. I won’t give up, I’m determined to have my name on the cover of my very own book. A tangible product of the massive effort I put into giving my characters life.

So, with starting this blog I hope to keep myself energized, motivated, and inspired. I want to give fellow authors the chance to promote their books, events and giveaways. To help them pursue their dreams as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post and I hope to give you more exciting news in the future.